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Over the years, I have collaborated with a diverse range of clients from beauty to tech and everything in between, including numerous local Miami businesses, start-ups worldwide, and even Google in one of my most recent engagements. I have an appreciation for culture and a deep understanding of how necessary and beneficial it is to have diverse representation, creative thought, and problem-solving. 


I am based in Miami, FL, and believe in being patient, kind, and conscious while creating innovative solutions that exceed expectations. In my free time, I stay active in advocacy work, explore new cultures and technologies, and indulge in hobbies like gardening, traveling, and watching movies. Thank you for taking the time to visit my page.


Caridad Fernandez

Hey there! My name is Caridad, and I am an Art Director with over 10 years of experience in the Advertising industry. I value my cultural background and bilingualism in English and Spanish, as it has been indispensable to my career. My education includes a Bachelor's degree in Communications/Advertising, with a minor in International Business Relations, and I established Space Bar Designs, my design agency, to push my creative limits.


As a passionate and driven Art Director, I am drawn to challenges and enjoy connecting with people to better understand their needs and build strong relationships. I have gained practical experience and developed my problem-solving skills across various job applications, and I am particularly skilled in working with small budgets while achieving remarkable results. My expertise spans product design, campaign planning and execution, and overall brand strategy development, among other areas.

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